About Mark Goddard - Artist/Healer

I am Mark Goddard, painter and shamanic healer. I have been on the spiritual path of self-search, shamanic medicine and have been creating art most of my life. And, at this point have brought the two realms together. I see art as a beautiful nudge to be in the present moment, a "tuning in" through meditation, sometimes as making a statement about our world, and more importantly, as a shamanic tool and form of medicine, which is why I call it Visual Medicine. I am operating on the premise that if I can do energetic work on people in a person-to-person manner, then why can't I work on people energetically through art? Of course, the mathematics of all existence is geometry, be it expressed in energy or in mass, so the concept of using "sacred geometry" to create tools to transmit positive energy and for meditation and centering is important. My original series of paintings was created to focus on healing the individual chakras. The Metatron's Cube-Mercaba painting is the first of a group of canvases dedicated to the Archangels.

My mission with the work that I do here as a shamanic healer and as an artist is to change the world by helping people change themselves, one person at a time. And, I serve to bridge the direct healing work I do with people, with the beauty I create in these artistic vibrational visual Shamandalas.

I have created these products to deliver the energetic work I do through painting to you via tangible objects you will use on a daily basis. Since the work is intentionally charged with subtle vibrational healing energy, the concept of having this work on T-shirts and other clothing items is a no-brainer! Wear, heal and experience your daily life from a new and positive perspective.

I am located in the historic area of the California Gold Country, in Placerville, just east of Sacramento in northern California. This area has a lot of energy from the indigenous people who live here still, as well as that of the huge explosion in population resulting from the California Gold Rush of the mid-19th century, which resulted in the entry of California into the United States.

The gold that now comes from this area is a flourishing artistic community that reflects among other things, a vision of our future, where people come together to support one another and our world in changing times. I like to see it as the beginning of a movement.

My website is: http://www.sacredportalsart.com, to find out more about my work.

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